How could we further grow our capacity for community healing and transformation? 


Every day in our region and in many other regions and communities we are called upon to heal our lands, our families, our relationships, and to bring that healing to our work.

We are called to have the hard conversations of reconciliation.

It’s big work and needs to be done well. 

The Circle Way provides a foundation, a tool for collaboration and conversation. It is a way to tap our greatest strengths, individually and together. It moves us forward by bringing us back to the centre of what we already know.

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Can you feel it? It is our time for great work.

You are invited into three nights and four days of deeply moving, professionally and personally enrichments for your heart and skills. 

This learning experience in The Circle Way is designed for reflection, learning, discussion and engagement that supports your personal and professional goals and holds the potential of contributing to larger scale transformation in the places that you work and live.

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Join us to:

  • Develop strength to work together, better

  • Gain ability to get beyond “nice” conversations

  • Grow personal and collective capacity for wiser action

  • Remember deep listening from our indigenous teachings


Who this is for

This training is for all involved in deliberate dialogue to further their work and to build communities: tribal leaders, council members, community organizers, government liaisons, educators, healthcare coordinators, and all others committed to community healing and transformation in the Tofino region - in unceded ƛaʔuukwiiʔatḥ territories - as well as other regions and communities.

Our world and communities increasingly need people like you to host meaningful and challenging dialogues about community, resources, reconciliation and transformative ways of doing business and living together.




The schedule

May 2: We begin with dinner at 5:00pm and our opening evening council

May 3: A full day program with spacious breaks and evening programming

May 4: A full day program with spacious breaks and evening programming

May 5: A morning program with our closing circle concluding by 12 noon



Early Bird ending February 2, 2017: $1,270 + GST ($620 tuition and $650 accommodation/meals/materials)

After February 2: $1,470 + GST ($820 tuition and $650 accommodation/meals/materials)

Groups of 2 or more: $1,270 + GST ($620 tuition and $650 accommodation/meals/materials per person)  


All prices include meals and lodging

Some scholarships are available. Please contact us.

Generosity circle: if you can offer a little more to support others who are unable to pay the full tuition, please let us know. 


Cancellation policy

If you cancel more than 30 days before the practicum begins, we will return your payment minus a $100 administrative charge. If you cancel within 30 days of the practicum start date, any refund is contingent upon our ability to fill your space in the practicum.